Monday, May 14, 2012

Experimenting with textured painting

I love textures. I discovered this handy little product line that makes adding texture to projects very fun and so easy!
Liquitex gel mediums, available at many craft stores. I got mine at Michael's.
Here's just two of Liquitex's products that I have on hand, but, they have many variations matte to glossy and light to heavy texture. Just add these to any acrylic craft paint and go at it. You don't have to know how to paint (as you can see, my "paintings" are quite simple).

For the red painting, I used variations of matte & glossy. I kept applying layers until I was satisfied for the time. I'll probably add a different color to it at some point. 
I use whatever tools I have on hand to create different textures. For the paintings, I used paint scrapers and I believe that's a cake knife? 
The turquoise and green mini-painting above is just a test piece I did to show how the super glossy heavy gel that is transparent allows you to layer colors as well as textures.
For this frame, I simply used small paint brushes to create this texture. The frame is a cheap wood frame from Michael's.

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