Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tree Branch Candle Holder Centerpiece

DIY success! I'm so excited about how this modern rustic tree branch candelabra turned out!
See it at Etsy here:

I made the base from reclaimed and upcycled wood planks (sanded, stained, glued and screwed all the pieces together. This thing is sturdy!).

For the actual candle holding pieces, I cut the branches to different lengths. Drilling the hole in the middle for tapered candles proved a challenge since I was doing all this by myself. I solved the problem by first securing each branch with screws to my "work table" (aka kitchen stool).

Once each branch was drilled, I sanded the tops, polyurethaned them, then screws each branch to the base.

There are 9 candle holders comprising this one centerpiece. Votive or taper candles fit. I think the textures and colors of each piece of wood are stunning!