Monday, November 19, 2012

Pallet chair for your cell phone!

I love shipping-pallets-turned-furniture. So, I thought, why not create the look of modern pallet chairs but for a different purpose...for a cell phone.

So, a bunch of popsicle sticks and some wood glue later, here they are!

==2016 UPDATE==
More of my mini pallet chairs!  -Click here for the newest post-
Check out several for sale on my Etsy site:

I used a bandsaw to cut the sticks, but a coping saw (an inexpensive hand saw) would work also.
Then I just starting assembling. I finished off each chair by drilling tiny holes and inserting cut up toothpicks to work as "nails" with wood glue. These are sturdy little chairs!
For one of the chairs, I added dark stain, and both were coated with polyurethane. To keep the chair from sliding, I added tiny pieces of self-stick rubber no-slip pads.

My inspiration:
Actual pallet chairs like this one:

And, it worked!


  1. Hi, do you have a tutorial of it, it's very nice. Thanks

    1. I'm glad you like the tiny pallet chair! I don't have a tutorial, sorry! But with you can definitely make it if you have wood glue and a coping saw (an inexpensive hand saw).

  2. Those would look super cute with my business cards ;o)

    1. Thanks! They really are cute...and practical! :-)